Edge Themes

MIA | mi Architecture proposes architectural concepts and realizations related to protected sites,
exclusive heritage and unique programs.

S A N T A G I U L I A :


The project is the result of a rational and simple reflection. Offer the inhabitant the same terrace area as the inhabited area. For this, the slabs are projected and extend freely towards the street as large balconies. The counterpart of this choice is the possible loss of natural light, so that the auxiliary structure that supports the cantilever generates light sources inhabited by the vegetation that passes from one level to another in a random way. It is in the superposition of simple concepts and ideas where the richness of the project is generated, its environmental complexity, as a vertical ecosystem.

O R I G A M I:


This prefab wooden Eco-Tech house was imagined as a fold. Rather, a set of folds made from a standard triangulated module of 2 different sizes. This work, focused on the skin of the building, and not on the volume, allows first to escape from the image of the architectural container currently linked to the prefabrication process and then to adapt it to various contexts, geometries and programs associated with different degrees of complexity.