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MIES | mi ExcluSive brings Design closer to the objects, brands and specific approaches of its sponsors.

Designing, creating a product, a piece of furniture, means approaching everyday life, but also trying to beautify it, in a tiny way. It means understanding its function, the interaction that will be generated between the object and the person. Finally, it means transmitting a sensation, a feeling, some values linked to a brand, a method, a profession, a commitment.



D O L O M I E U Collection


A line, a curve. A stool, a simple piece of furniture that preserves all the desired values to dress the spaces of the Domaine Dolomieu. The project has marked the hotel spaces, such as the Spa and the rooms, with “simple design elements”, a common thread, as meeting points.



A personalized proposal for a capsule collection of an AOC Côte de Provence. A strong graphic design, a multiple reading that involves in this case the controversial 6 and 9, Seynu, Six and Nine. Much more than a French department or an erotic position: a philosophy, a Yin and a Yang, the symbol of a balanced thought, feminine and masculine, equitable, vital.