The design of citizenM la Défense is guided by the optimization of the room space around the bed, while offering in the common areas top-of-the-range services and maximum quality of comfort, friendliness and welcome. CitizenM is based on the Dutch concept of container buildings gene¬rating a modular grid the size of a panoramic king size bed abutting against the facade, leaving the interior space free for the entrance to the room and access to the bathroom. MID made this concept the common thread in the development of the hotel, perceptible in the different architectural volumes that express the identity, singularity, and immediately recognizable brand of citizenM, thus respected and even reinforced, while moving away from the typical architectural volumetry of citizenM hotels. MID designed a very rational facade that is both sophisticated and timeless, while taking into account the possible reconversion of the building - how to make the module an asset for the building of tomorrow - in particular by anti-cipating the conversion of the structural skeleton and the possible expansion of the built platforms. The project invites, gives to see and transmits this sought-after dynamic right from the genesis of the project. The play of surfaces, vertical planes, visual dialogues, balance and proportions frames the space around the axis. The L-shaped hotel draws a volume without delimiting it, offering views of the entire Seine-Arche complex. The main access to the hotel is located on the garden level while the base (forecourt level) is mainly used for access to the shops. The architects designed this 32.5 meter high building as a design object, whose stretched façade evokes a suspended panoramic screen. As a backdrop, a second screen supports and surpasses the first gesture by bending in accordance with the template defined by the Epadesa. The first floor of the hotel is dedicated to independent commercial and restaurant premises as well as meeting rooms. The reception is on the second floor as well as the bar and common areas while the rooms are distributed from the first to the ninth floor.


citizenM Paris La Défense Hotel


194 Jardin de l’Arche, 92000 Nanterre, La Défense Seine Arche, Paris, France


UNIBAIL RODAMCO jusqu’à Obtention PC CitizenM HOTELS de PC à Livraison


175 Rooms and Retail